Service Timetable

Trago Mills

Every Tuesday except public holidays

Hanson Drive Fowey 09:00hrs
Top of Hill Fowey 09:01hrs
Tywardreath 09:14hrs
Par Green 09:17hrs
Garage 09:20hrs
Old Roselyon 09:21hrs
St Marys Road 09:24hrs
Four Lords 09:27hrs
St Blazey Church 09:30hrs
Lostwithiel 09:44hrs
Depart Trago Mills 12:45hrs

Truro Service

Every Wednesday except public holidays

Hanson Drive, Fowey 09:30hrs
Top of Hill Fowey 09:31hrs
Roddas Shop Tywardreath 09:40hrs
Butter Market, Tywardreath 09:41hrs
Par Green 09:47hrs
Par Inn 09:47hrs
Middleway Garage Par 09:50hrs
Rosehill, St.Blazey 09:52hrs
Trenovissick Road, Biscovey 09:55hrs
St Marys Road Biscovey 09:57hrs
Bethel Chapel 10:05hrs
Holmbush 10:07hrs
Mount Charles, St Austell 10:09hrs
Trinity Street, St Austell 10:11hrs
Arrive Truro 10:45hrs
Depart Truro 13:45hrs