Red Diesel

Suppliers of Red Diesel in Par, Cornwall

red-diesel-supplier-cornwallWe supply red diesel in all quantities, from one litre to a thousand.
Just bring your own container(s).

Red diesel (gas oil) is minimally taxed and its use is confined to off road, untaxed vehicles such as tractors/agricultural machinery, earth moving machinery, piling and drilling equipment, cranes etc. and static diesel powered machinery such as generators, pumps and industrial heating/cooling equipment. Its use is widespread throughout the Construction, Civil Engineering, Agricultural, Marine, Leisure and Commercial industries. It can also be used as heating fuel for domestic boilers.

The use of red diesel in road going vehicles as an ‘every-day’ road transport fuel is prohibited by law, the fuel is dyed red for easy identification by HMRC Inspectors, and anyone found to be using red diesel in a road-going vehicle is liable for prosecution